yummy homemade bone broth :)

Homemade Healing Bone Broth

November 29, 2015

My incredibly talented and super-traditional Japanese momma has been making her own stock for over 40 years. My sweet Japanese Baachan (Grandma) used to make a stock from whole chickens, back in the 1...

10.  Honeydew_Popsicles 0415 1

Honeydew and Mint Wine Pops

July 6, 2016

Frozen wine pops are sexy, sweet, and refreshing. Blend this version well with fresh mint, honeydew melon, and white wine, and you’ve got the perfect treat for the next warm afternoon! Makes 10 serv...

Berry Beauty Cream!

Watch: The Berry Beauty

September 17, 2016

Yass! It is time. I finally started my venture on shootin’ food videos after much thought. And of course, they had to be done in a cinematic, CK style! Enjoy and love, you are beautiful! xx ck b...

Homemade Nut Milks!

Candice’s Life Hacks: Food

March 29, 2016

These hacks are so easy, you’ll wonder why you’ve wasted so much money buying pre-made at the store, which are full of additives and preservatives. Save yourself money + feel really, real...


My Favorite Arugula Salad

October 3, 2010

Whateverrrr Iceberg, you're so last year's news... And you're dull, boring and literally diluted. Move over because my sexy leafy greens are taking over the inventory at most with-it grocery stor...


Candice’s Lemon-Cran Scones

July 31, 2015

Whenever life hands me lemons, I make these lusciously lemony scones! They’re best served with a sip of tea and your best friends—all the necessary ingredients to turn your day around in an instan...

Spicy Peanut Noodles! YUM!!

Spicy & Simple Peanut Noodles + Tofu

June 30, 2015

This sweet, spicy, and nutty recipe is like Chinese take-out that you can make right at home. So, dig in today and save some for lunch tomorrow, homie.  Ingredients: 1/2 pound whole-wheat spaghetti o...

Honey Glazed Almonds! YUM!

Sweet & Salty Honey Glazed Almonds

January 31, 2015

Makes 12 servings Sweet Spice Mix 1⁄4 cup sugar in the raw 1⁄2 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1 teaspoon sea salt 1⁄4 teaspoon ground nutmeg Almonds! 3 cups unroasted almonds 2 tablespoons honey 1 tab...


Spiced Sweet Potato Gnocchi

December 3, 2015

Indulge your senses with a plate of delicious sweet potato gnocchi. Finish it off with some heart-healthy extra virgin olive oil and maybe a sprinkle of Manchego cheese. Boil what you need, and then f...

blueberry detox blend :)

The Blueberry Detox Blend

January 4, 2016

One of my favorite ways to detox is with this Blueberry Detox Blend – it will get you back to YOU again. I whip up this mix for a quick lunch when heading out the door to meetings, or just befor...