Ohhh-la--- sexy date night!

Date night meals: A definite score to second base, maybe third?

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  • Jul 11 2011

If you haven’t taken that opportunity to cook for that special someone in your life, well, now may be the time to just do that. Most cooks/chefs/foodies would agree that a home cooked meal is the single most selfless act that you can do for another. Now Bourdain also had one other selfless act in there that I shan’t mention.. but it did make sense as well:)

To really win their heart and possibly make it to second or even third base? Take them home… get the meal going, some vino pouring and get with it…  ladies don’t want to be wined and dined at fancy, overpriced, small plate establishments ALL the time… sometimes, duh? A girl’s gotta eat! But I find that I am looking for someone who appreciates 3 things in life… Good food, good company and fine wines.

Here’s a recipe that’s bound to win, cost effective, simple to make and above all absolutely delish. Buon Appetito. xxck

Simple Date night: Linguine + Arugula + Tuna + Almond Pesto

1/2 a box of cooked linguine, approx 8 oz uncooked, cooked and cooled.

1 can of albacore tuna, drained in olive oil

2 T Ex virg olive oil

1/2 cup of homemade pesto (my recipe for almond pesto) if you’re way lazy-ass, go ahead and buy a high-quality jar of pesto.. I’ll pretend I didn’t allow that!

1 cup of wild arugula

Lemon juice and zest to taste

High quality sea salt to taste

1- In a large bowl, toss the cooked and cooled linguine with the pesto + olive oil and toss in the strained olive oil packed tuna.

2- Break up the canned tuna with a fork and toss well to coat. Season with sea salt and lemon juice/zest to taste. Toss in the wild arugula, coat well and plate up by twisting the pasta to create height on the plate.

3- Use a few more arugula strands, and lemon zest to top for gorgeous presentation. Serve with a gorgeous Sancerre or a light Pinot Noir and you’ve got your date night made simple! You’ve got y blessing to 2nd base, maybe third! ♥xx ck