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  • Jul 11 2011

If you haven’t taken that opportunity to cook for that special someone in your life, well, now may be the time to just do that. Most cooks/chefs/foodies would agree that a home cooked meal is the single most selfless act that you can do for another. Now Bourdain also had one other selfless act in there that I shan’t mention.. but it did make sense as well :)

To really win their heart, take them home… and get the meal going.  A girl’s gotta eat!

Here’s a recipe that’s bound to win, is cost effective, simple to make and above all absolutely delish.

Simple Date Night Pasta: Linguine + Arugula + Tuna + Almond Pesto

1/2 a box of cooked linguine, approx 8 oz uncooked, cooked and cooled.

1 can of albacore tuna, drained in olive oil

2 T Ex virg olive oil

1/2 cup of homemade pesto (my recipe for almond pesto) if you’re way lazy-ass, go ahead and buy a high-quality jar of pesto.. I’ll pretend I didn’t allow that!

1 cup of wild arugula

Lemon juice and zest to taste

High quality sea salt to taste

1- In a large bowl, toss the cooked and cooled linguine with the pesto + olive oil and toss in the strained olive oil packed tuna.

2- Break up the canned tuna with a fork and toss well to coat. Season with sea salt and lemon juice/zest to taste. Toss in the wild arugula, coat well and plate up by twisting the pasta to create height on the plate.

3- Use a few more arugula strands, and lemon zest to top for gorgeous presentation. Serve with a gorgeous Sancerre or a light Pinot Noir and you’ve got your date night made simple!

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