Peppermint Bark! Woorf Woof!

Holiday Peppermint Bark, becuase a lil holiday treat is so allowed!

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  • Dec 22 2010

  • Posted by: Candice

Holidays with a Sexy Modern Day Martha!

So you think making Holiday Treats is something that only Granny does? Ha! In this economy learn to use your “crafty” side. T’will save you $$ChangityChang$$ and make you look like that girl any dude would want to take home to Mom. All at the same time using your lil’ brain! Go crafty!! I want to share how to make some of my favie Holiday treats with you darlin’!

Mint + Chocolate = Heaven yo!

Candice’s Holiday Peppermint Bark

2 (12 oz) bags of  semi sweet chocolate chips

2 (12 oz) bags of white chocolate chips

1 teaspoon of peppermint extract

2 drops of green food coloring

5 candy canes, smashed up in 2 re-sealable freezer bags, wrappers removed

1- Line a large baking sheet 9×12” with foil

2- In a double boiler (meaning a saucepan filled ½ way with boiling water, place a stainless steel mixing bowl on top, indirect heat always with chocolate!duur!) melt the dark chocolate chips first

3- Thinly Spread a later of the dark melted chocolate on the foil lined sheet tray (using a spatula) and allow it to cool in the fridge until firm, about 8 minutes.

4- While the dark chocolate is cooling, in a clean stainless bowl, melt the white chocolate chips now.

5- After the chips have all melted add the  teaspoon of peppermint extract and the 2 drops of green food coloring, its supposed to be a faint green, not slimer style! Mix in well with a rubber spatula.

6-Remove the dark, solid chocolate from the fridge and pour the white chocolate on top of the dark, spreading an even layer across the entire sheet.

7- Sprinkle the 5 tiny, tiny smashed candy cane sprinkles all over the top of the chocolate, now refrigerate for about 20 minutes until fully solid. Break into bite sized pieces, not perfect lil pieces, b/c perfection is so overrated! And enjoy you hot sexy crafty lady!

And ummm yeah, you are allowed to have chocolate for the holidays loveys! xx

  • Shivi

    what happened to the roasted root veggies? It pays to take the time to edit your posts.

  • Shivi

    what happened to the roasted root veggies? It pays to take the time to edit your posts.

  • Reshma Chabria

    This is amazing. Thanks girl!u00a0

  • Reshma Chabria

    This is amazing. Thanks girl!