If the Stiletto Fits

Elie Tahari

If the stiletto fits, wear it. Everywhere. Fitness model Candice Kumai knows this all too well, earning the nickname Stiletto Chef after turning heads as a powerhouse contestant on season one of Bravo's Top Chef.

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Playing With Fire Peek

E! Network

What goes on behind the scenes of New York’s hottest restaurants? Find out when E!’s newest reality series premieres on March 17.

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Eat This, Weigh Less

The DR. Oz Show

Dr. Oz has your golden ticket for weight loss. Discover how to eat your favorite foods while you watch your fat disappear. Celebrity chefs Todd English, Candice Kumai and Aaron Sanchez have recipes for burgers, tacos and even pizzas – that are packed with fat-burning ingredients.

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Candice Kumai Helps You Cook Your Way To More Sex!

Access Hollywood

It's been said a way to a man's heart is through his stomach. So, can the same be said about women? Candice Kumai, "Pretty Delicious" author and contributor for "Men's Health" magazine's "Cook for More Sex," visits Access Hollywood Live with recipes to fire up the libido.

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Appetite for Arousal

The Doctors

Celebrity Chef Candice Kumai, author of Cook Yourself Sexy, demonstrates how to cook your way to a climax with surprising aphrodisiacs.

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Does Sexiness Start In The Kitchen?


Candice Kumai knows a thing or two about being sexy. After all, before she became a chef, Kumai was a successful fashion model. And if you ask her, sexy doesn't start in your closet—it starts in your kitchen.

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The Mediterranean diet: 4 recipes to try

NY Daily News

You've heard the health benefits of the fruit & fish-packed Mediterranean diet, now it's time to test it out in the kitchen. We turned to ‘Cook Yourself Sexy’ chef Candice Kumai for these delicious recipes, loaded with omega-3s and nutrients.

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Cooking with Quinoa: Mint and Cranberry Quinoa Salad

Women's Health

Cook Yourself Sexy chef Candice Kumai shares her recipe for how to incorporate quinoa, the protein-packed superfood, into your salad dishes.

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Celeb Chef Candice Kumai Shares 5 Oscar Party-Worthy Dishes


Celebrity chef Candice Kumai, who stars in E!'s upcoming foodie series Playing with Fire and author of Cook Yourself Sexy, shares five Oscar-worthy dishes that your party guests are sure to gobble up.

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Candice Kumai’s Favorite Breakfast and Brunch Recipes


In her new cookbook, chef Candice Kumai offers up some mouthwatering, healthy recipes for the most important meal of the day and beyond.

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Create Your Meals With Style

Clean Eating

Television host, author and chef Candice Kumai offers advice on the simple yet showstopping details that can impact your meals.

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Butternut Squash Mac ‘n’ Cheese


A naturally sweet and buttery winter vegetable helps take classic comfort food from diet don't to diet do.

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Candice Kumai’s Lasagna


The cookbook author and Iron Chef America judge shares a pasta dish that's healthy and satisfying.

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Go-To Metabolism Boosters

The DR. Oz Show – Feb-07-2012

It's easy to keep your weight in check. Dr. Oz lists the foods everyone should have on hand to boost metabolism.

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‘Stiletto Chef’ Candice Kumai Chugs Water, Indulges With Hot Sauce

New York – Jan-21-2011

When Candice Kumai's parents refused to pay for culinary school ("They were like, You can cook for your friends, but not for a living."), the tall, slender Kumai turned to modeling to make ends meet.

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Fresh taste: Spicy salmon sliders with chive sauce

Today – Jul-12-2011

Chef Candice Kumai shares a tasty dish that's perfect for the summer season.

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