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Rest + Recovery Foods

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  • May 16 2013

  • Posted by: Candice

You hydrated, fueled and rocked that race course (and your hot-ass short shorts). Now, time to stretch, relax and…eat! Your post-race menu includes a balanced mix of protein, complex carbs, healthy fats and fluid to repair your muscles and glycogen stores. Here are you best-bet foods after that long ass race (Running 1 hour +)


Oatmeal – Complex carb that is easy on a post-race stomach. Throw in some nuts and a little honey or maple syrup for extra nourishment.

Bananas – This breakfast staple is full of potassium, which is lost during intense sweat sessions. Know your ‘nanners!

Cherries – Studies have shown cherries are a natural painkiller. Seek out fresh cherries or 100% cherry juice (diluted with fizzy water for extra hydration!)


Eggs – Amino acids + protein is essential for muscle repair and recovery. Get crackin’, yo.

Salmon- The omega-3s help balance inflammation; protein feeds the muscles. Pair with something green and a sweet potato for the ultimate recovery meal.

Almonds – Portable and full of good-for-you fats and protein. Toss in a stir fry or salad with veggies and lean protein like tofu or chicken.

HYDRATE!! One of the most important things to do!:

Cucumber Melon Spa Water, for a hydrating at home spa treat!

In a 2 quart pitcher, combine the ingredients as follows:

12 thin slices cucumber ** unwaxed cucumber—organic is perfect

5 -1” cubes of honeydew melon, skin removed

1 bunch mint, torn off, and tossed into the water

6 cups chilled still spring or mineral water for a fizzy treat!

** Add in fresh basil, or even lavender, orange slices or even some simple syrup for an even sweeter treat!
1-  Place  the cucumber, the peeled honeydew melon, and a handful of fresh mint

2-  Fill pitcher with water. Cover and chill for a few hrs before guests arrive or serving.

3- You have the option to strain the mixture and discard solids, or do, what I do, use the infused spa water as a visual treat, and have a strainer on the spout/lid.  Pour water into gorgeous, tall, clear glasses, with big ice cubes for a real refreshing treat, add more mint and even a few thin slices of cucumber on the brim of the glass for garnish. Fancy!

** Super Low in calories. Great for hydration. You can really WOW your guests this Fall with a real refreshing and easy treat! Save that melon and cucumber for a little bite at the end too! Keep racing hard, kicking ass and work-it-out! xx


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