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Modern Day Martha ♥ Making Herbed Salts

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  • Jan 18 2012

  • Posted by: Candice

Hey there MDM (Modern Day Martha!) Get your holiday gifting done early this year! These salts keep for up to a year or two and are the most adorable gift idea in the world.


You choose: Dried Sage, rosemary, basil, thyme, lavender, tarragon, parsley

-High-quality sea salt, coarse grind. None of that iodized garbage puh-lease!

-Mason Jars , high-quality ribbon, homemade paper tags, hole puncher, colored calligraphy pens

You choose your fave leftover herbs and or just buy a bunch in bulk at the farmer’s market and save to dry! Takes about a week to dry out all of the moisture completely. Try to have an even amount of herbs between the different varieties.

Once the herbs are completely dry, separate the twiggy stems from the leaves, discard all of the hard stems. Now comes the fun part! Blend the dried herbs with salt with the following proportions: one or two tablespoons of herbs to five tablespoons of sea salt). Put them into a food processor (or you could get old skool with it – using  a pestle and mortar).

Mix until they combine to form a gorgeous powder. For a little elegant touch, add a few peppercorns, juniper berries or a few pieces of dried lavender if desired to finish it off. Lavender and Herbs de Provence salt is my fave! Store in an airtight mason jar, in a cool dry place.

Finish by decorating with some ribbon, add a sweet label, message, note or pretty description tag. Makes for the perfect housewarming, bridal shower, baby shower, welcome, or thank you gift!!

Makes the perfect, inexpensive and clever gift for anyone that cooks and loves herbs!

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