oat me baby. Gone bananas!

Gone Bananas Rolled Oats

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  • Dec 6 2011

  • Posted by: Candice

Good morning sunshine! You know, organic rolled oats are a superior way to reclaim your health in the am. With cholesterol fighting properties, soluble fiber, protein, iron and a whole other lineup of benefits? Try my fave organic kind: Country Choice Organic Oats. And of course here’s my favorite way to enjoy oats in the am… my gone bananas rolled oats.

1 Cup rolled oats, slow cooked with water (saves calories! duh?)

2- Organic brown sugar, or agave syrup

3-  1 banana thinly sliced on the bias

4- 1-2 Tablespoons Pure Dark Chocolate broken into small pieces

To cook!

1- Cook organic rolled oats as followed on the canister. Place into a bowl + top off with banana slices, dark brown sugar or agave, dark chocolate and nuts if desired. And that’s about it… last step? Enjoy like you’ve never gone so bananas over oats. Word up. xx ♥ck

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